How do I watch the live stream?

We are happy to explain step by step how livestreaming works. How do you get your tickets? How do you start the livestream concert and how can you watch the concert on TV?

Step 1: order an e-ticket

1. Order a ticket via the order page.
2. Click on "Order your tickets!" and go through the ordering process.
3. After completing the payment, download the e-tickets by clicking on the blue button 'Download your tickets (PDF)'.
4. You will also receive the e-tickets as a PDF file in a confirmation email from Ticketservice TicketJames.
5. Still haven't received a confirmation email after half an hour? Please contact us at

Step 2: Start the concert

1. Open the downloaded e-ticket. You will find the e-ticket as a PDF file in the confirmation email of your order.
2. Find the unique login code on the e-ticket. You will need this code to view the concert.
3. You will find this six-digit login code on the e-ticket, directly below the barcode.
4. Go to and click on the 'Watch live stream' button on the homepage.
5. You will be taken to the login screen of the Classical at Home platform.
6. Enter the login code and click through.
7. The broadcast starts at 19:50, which is a little earlier than the concert. This gives you a little time to see how everything works. Don't see anything yet? Then the broadcast has not started yet. You do not have to refresh the page, the broadcast will start automatically.
8. Are you watching the concert on the device you are logged into (for example, your smartphone, tablet or laptop)? Then you are completely ready.

Step 3: watch via your TV

1. Do you prefer to watch on TV? Then there are plenty of possibilities to connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your television set.
2. If you have the right equipment the easiest way is to "cast" via Chromecast, AppleTV or AirPlay. This can be done via the cast icon at the bottom right of the video player.
3. However, you get the best experience when you connect the laptop to your television with an HDMI cable. You can buy an HDMI cable at all electronics stores.
4. Find the right HDMI channel via the 'source' button on your remote control. This usually corresponds to the HDMI input on your TV where you plug in the cable.
5. After pairing, the sound plays directly on your TV set.

Please note!

The concert is live. Rewinding is therefore not possible. Make sure you log in on time and take a look around. That way you'll know exactly how everything works and you won't miss a thing.

Need more help?

Does the manual not answer your question? We would be happy to help you further. Take a look at 'frequently asked questions' or contact us.