We recently had a very large party to celebrate the First Communion of my oldest child. We had a buffet lunch for 50, a chocolate fountain, and a bounce house. Needless to say we’ve been planning this party (and budgeting) for months and enjoyed every second of the celebration. We caught up with old friends and family, and generally celebrated this wonderful milestone in our daughter’s life.

My brother used to be in a fraternity, and on the day of the party it emerged that his fraternity used to man bounce houses as short notice labor. This came in remarkably handy as I was busy trying to persuade my four year old to wear a blazer and my husband had last minute food preparation to do. So my lovely brother volunteered to set up the bounce house for us.

Something that still makes me smile to myself is the lovely phone conversations between my brother and his wife. They are geographically separated for large parts of the year, but arrange to watch movies together, and FaceTime whenever possible. Anyone who’s ever had to travel for work, and certainly our service men and women know how important this sort of shared experience can be when distant from a loved one.

However, on the day of the First Communion, my sister in law warned my brother that he should not jump in the bounce house with the kiddos because they were, “All covered in salmonella.” She’s right of course, and wrong. Kids are like little walking petri dishes just growing all sorts of bacteria….but hopefully one of them is not salmonella.

I immediately pictured grocery store raw chickens jumping in the bounce house…headless, plucked- with their drumsticks bouncing up and a down as they jumped. It just cracked me up and still does. It brought some much needed levity to me as I stressed about the kids’ clothes, and whether or not the sandwich platters were arranged well.

Laughter is always the best medicine. Although- it probably wouldn’t treat salmonella.