We just completed our 4th year in Classical Conversations, now at our third campus. There is a great amount of variety in atmosphere and “personality” between the different campuses we’ve attended. I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to observe so many wonderful tutors teaching the same material, each with their own tricks for making it fun and clear for the students. While I don’t agree with 100% of the material chosen (like, why don’t the maps have BLUE water?) or even 100% of the philosophy behind the development, it has been a very good fit, and I can adapt things for my own children where I see fit.

In the years since attending with my children, I have learned more about the process of learning itself than I learned in high school, college, and then graduate school. I have learned how to break things down and teach the grammar of subjects. I have learned how to teach, and how to learn. Being a co-student with my children has helped me become a better teacher. This was my first year tutoring Foundations, and I learned as much if not more than my students.

In addition we’ve made some wonderful friends, both my children and I. The ladies (and a couple of gentlemen) that homeschool with us are interesting, intelligent, thoughtful people. They care about their children and mine. I’ve needed help the past few weeks, dealing with a shoulder injury, and other moms have watched my kids, washed my dishes, and brought me dinner. The outpouring of support and love has been very encouraging. Fellow tutors have written my boards for me, students have carried my heavy bins, and in general, I need only to ask to receive help from friends.

We will continue with Classical Conversations next year. My eldest has moved into the Essentials program, which I will be tutoring. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow as an educator, student, and person.